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Fundraising comes with its own set of challenges that can complicate the process and prohibit donors from giving. Two of its key principles are reach and motivation. The number one thing you’re tasked with as a fundraiser is an adequate call-to-action that inspires supporters to give. You must also draw upon their motivation. Consumers are constantly bombarded with fundraising requests, especially in recent years, thanks easy-to-use platforms that allow people to donate money with the click of a mouse. With options at a maximum, helping the supporter see a clear value proposition is essential.

The Nonprofit Dilemma

Nonprofits face a specific set of challenges in today’s cause-marketing world, so it’s important now more than ever that your approach to fundraising sets you apart and inspires potential supporters to commit. With print and paper-based media facing a sharp decline in a digital and mobile-focused world, it’s no longer good enough to send students out with catalogs and checkboxes. People want convenience.

On top of that, research shows that Millennials aren’t as easily swayed to part with their money as people have been in the past. Thus, it’s critical that they have something to buy into. Coming off the heels of a recession, today’s consumers want to know where their money is going and how their donation is being put to good use. It’s crucial they have a buy in, which is where Spirit Gear comes into play. Unlike plain donation campaigns that rely on purely digital transactions, we give supporters a clear value exchange. They get to wear your emblem, sport your colors and see your logo on their license plates, totes, glassware, coffee mugs and more, and you get the funds you need.

Why Choose Us

We aim to close the gap between fundraising potential and goal realization with a customizable online store that lets you easily upload your school, team or club’s logo and select the products you want to offer for sale to supporters. Even better, we offer a hassle-free, no fuss approach to fundraising. Payments are quick and simple, quite an upgrade from confusing catalog companies that break it down by tiers, points and levels, turning goals into multilevel marketing schemes with little promise.

But the best part about Spirit Gear? Hands down, it’s the options. Sure, we’ve got the classic T-shirt and the fall favorite sweatshirt, but our gear is so much more than clothing. Drinkware? Check. Flags and signs? Check. Creative gifts perfect for any holiday or just because? Double check.

We make it easy for your supporters to select the products that make sense for them while keeping you free from the burden of unsold inventory and heavy financial commitments. Design a tote bag, create a custom license plate frame, stamp your insignia on car mats, Christmas ornaments or even a keepsake box.

A Professional Face

As a fundraiser, you need a professional landing page that inspires trust and helps you build and maintain relationships with your donors. A store is a great way to do that, and we make it easy with a landing page that showcases your logo and school colors and makes shopping a breeze. Creating a store is a simple, three step process. Just upload your logo and colors to let us know what you want on your merchandise, choose the products you know best fit your target audience and submit your store request. From there, a dedicated team member will reach out to you to finalize all the details and get your store live within a matter of days.

Extracurricular activities go hand-in-hand with school apparel and fundraising. As students gear up for their exciting extracurricular activities, parents, friends and family can stock up on the latest designs in support of their ambitions from the fundraisers they run to raise funds for their group.

Your supporters can easily browse through your customized products, make their selections and check out with confidence thanks to our 100% security guarantee. We also have a track order system, so donors can check the status of their shipment in real time. Season after season, school year after school year you’ve had to face daunting late night texts asking questions about shirt fit, color options and whether that baseball cap will fit so-and-so’s head. Put those late night inquiries to bed, and leave the questions up to us. Once you’ve customized your store, it’s a hands-free fundraising source that lets you get back to the real business of working with your students.