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How to Design a Shirt

How to Order Custom T-Shirts: The Inside-Scoop from Spirit Gear 
Deciding how to get your unique T-shirt design from brainstorm to reality can be super daunting, but with the help of Spirit Gear, you can create the perfect custom-made T-shirt online with no hassle. Spirit Gear promises no minimum, no financial commitment and no headache, so you can dream up the coolest custom T-shirts and apparel for your school, club or special event without breaking the bank. We can help you design your own screen-printed T-shirts, embroidered shirts and twill shirts at Read this guide to learn how to make your shirts stand out.


T-Shirt Design Online: Knock it Out of the Park 
When you partner with a professional custom apparel maker like Spirit Gear, you can expect your creations to turn out exactly how you want them to. We offer thousands of fonts and an easy-upload platform so that you can decorate your shirts with your organization's logo, text or artwork. To design a custom T-shirt through Spirit Gear, simply select the product that you like - we've got simple short-sleeved T-shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts, polo shirts and more - let us know how fast you need it made and then click "customize."


In addition to basic custom short-sleeved T-shirts and classic crewneck long-sleeved styles, we also offer a great selection of unique T-shirts that can be custom printed or embroidered to your precise preferences. Choosing which type of shirt is best for you really comes down to your own personal preferences, but if you're ordering a large batch for a fundraiser or special event, you might want to consider a unisex style or create a design that will position well on men's, women's and youth shirts alike. Spirit Gear offers high-quality custom V-necks, tank tops, jerseys, polos, oxford shirts, crewneck T-shirts, hooded long-sleeved shirts and so much more.


Quick Tips for Online T-Shirt Design


  • If you're using a photograph, we recommend choosing a white or light-colored T-shirt background to ensure the best printing result
  • Make sure your custom shirt design stands out from the background; In other words, don't pick a black and white graphic on a solid black T-shirt
  • When customizing a T-shirt with your logo or artwork, make sure to use a high-resolution image and, if possible, format the photo with a transparent background
  • If you're designing a T-shirt with text only, we recommend trying out a wide range of fonts, as some fonts make a bigger impact than others
  • Don't forget the back! All of our custom shirts can be personalized on the front and back
  • Think long and hard about placement, and make sure that you alter text and graphic placement on women's and men's styles

Types of Custom T-Shirt Designs

To ensure that you get the best possible result from your custom-made shirts, explore the different printing and customization options offered at Spirit Gear. Each style offers its own unique look and feel that will help you create a design that's tailored to your personal preferences. Spirit Gear performs all screen-printing, embroidery and twill in-house for the best level of quality.


  • Screen-Printing - Screen-printed T-shirts are by far the most common style when it comes to custom T-shirt design. Screen-printing leaves behind a vivid, detailed image using a unique process where ink is forced onto the fabric through a fine screen. This method is ideal for large, complex images and artwork with multiple colors. 
  • Embroidery - Commonly used on polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and hats, embroidery is ideal for simpler logos and text. It's achieved by thread through the fabric with a needle to create a raised appearance.
  • Twill - Tackle twill, also known as applique, refers to the method of applying a woven fabric over a differing pattern or color. Much like embroidery, custom twill T-shirts are best-suited for simpler designs and large letters. You can make custom twill apparel with a huge selection of lettering colors and fabrics over the T-shirt color of your choice.

Why Customize with Spirit Gear?

Spirit Gear's easy-to-use design your own T-shirt platform is incredibly user-friendly. Every single T-shirt in our store can be designed and proofed by you so there are no surprises. Easily add text, graphics and your own custom images and artwork for a standout T-shirt that's unlike anyone else's! You'll enjoy deep discounts when you buy multiples, but Spirit Gear has no minimum on custom T-shirts, so we make a great partner for smaller groups and clubs. If you have any questions whatsoever about our design or manufacturing process, don't hesitate to contact us today.